Product Support

The phone number for sales is 573-422-3354. Dan Snodgrass or Tom Parker will answer if they are in the office. They are usually not in the office, so after four or five rings you will receive voice mail. The sales staff checks their voice mail daily. Our support staff is divided into groups, each having their own support number. For Accounting & Payroll call 573-422-3353. For Student Records, Food Service, A-Plus, Grade Book, Imaging call 573-422-3355. For Inventory, Utility Billing, Tax Billing, Traffic Violations call 573-422-6318.

Our Fax numbers are 573-422-3351 and 1-800-248-1433. We encourage their use. If you fax your request including a description of your problem, we will respond as soon as we can. There are two reasons we encourage the fax. First, we can receive calls while all support people are busy. Second, we can use fax responses to train new support people. The problem will be discussed with the trainee before the call back and then an experienced person might monitor the call back.

Our E-Mail Address is LEMCO@LEMCO.NET. E-Mail will be handled similar to our Fax support mentioned above. Please use the Product Support Form to submit your request for support. This will speed the process and allow us to support you better. Remember that E-Mail support will be slower than calling us directly, however, it can be a great tool in documenting the problem or reporting program bugs.

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