System Configuration Requirements

Windows-based Program Recommendations

DOS-based Program Recommendations

In order for the The Lemberger Company DOS based Programs to run properly your system must be configured correctly. The following describes the requirements.

1) Your computer should have WINDOWS 95 or DOS 6.0 or higher installed.
     (For IBM DOS you must use 6.2 or higher)

2) Your computer must be a 386DX or higher processor.

3) A mouse is recommended to run the system, however a mouse is not required. 
    To use a mouse with the program, you must have a mouse driver installed in your

4) A VGA monitor is recommended and is required to use a mouse with the
    program. You cannot use a monochrome monitor.

5) The recommended settings for the "files" line is the CONFIG.SYS:
     For Windows 95 standalone/workstation computers it is FILES=150
     For Dos based standalone computer it is FILES=150
     For Dos based Netware 3.12 & 4.10 workstations it is FILES=90
     For Dos based Netware 4.11 workstations 4.11 it is FILES=150

5a) The recommended setting for the "files handles" line in NET.CFG on a Dos
      based Netware workstation: 
      For Netware 3.12 & 4.10 workstations it is FILE HANDLES=150
      (Only Netware 3.12 & 4.10 workstations require the above setting)

5b) For Windows Millennium Edition computers the setting for the "files" must be
     made in the SYSTEM.INI file found in the C:\WINDOWS directory. The
     command line added to the [386Enh] section should read:

5c) For Windows NT workstations and Windows 2000 computers the setting for the
      "files" line must be made in the CONFIG.NT file found in the

5d) For Windows XP computers the setting for the "files" line must be
      made in the CONFIG.NT file found in the
      C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory.

6) Your CONFIG.SYS file for Windows 95 standalone/workstation computers must
     also contain these two lines in order to allow the program to access extended
     Dos based computer: DEVICE = C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS
                                      DEVICE = C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE NOEMS 
     (note if the dos based computer has a nic installed that uses a memory
     address you will need to exclude the memory range the nic uses - ie
     device=c:\dos\emm386.exe noems x=ccoo-cfff)

          7) It is recommended that on Dos Based systems you install SMARTDRV for read only

    Be sure to reserve a minimum of 1 meg. of extended memory to be used by the
    program. SMARTDRV disk caching can greatly increase the speed of the

8) Due to the creation of temporary files during the normal operation of the program,
    we recommend the following lines be added to the AUTOEXEC.BAT of all
    workstations and standalone computer running this program. 
                  SET TEMP=C:\TEMP
                  SET CLATMP=C:\TEMP
                  DEL C:\TEMP\*.$??
                  DEL C:\TEMP\*.??$
                  DEL C:\TEMP\*.TMP

** If you make any of the above changes, you need to reset the computer before they will take affect.

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